Must admit the bolt on knob for the Remington 700 exceeded my expectations. Bolted on very snug to the bolt handle. Did not have to use the "O" rings provided due to the exceptional fit right out of the box. Very cost effective product. Impressive to say the least. I did use a drop of blue lock tight on the threads after I made sure of the fit. Shipping was very fast. Came days before the date provided.

Richard S.

A buddy of mine from work let me borrow his KRG bolt lift, and it was cool....but this is light years ahead of that thing, It's a solid piece of aluminum, not hollow plastic like the KRG, it's a bit longer than the KRG so you get more meat to grab on to and over all it feels more authentic than the KRG. Fit and finish is outstanding for the price. Installation was super simple, i used one of the two O-rings provided and tightened it down like the instructions said (from one bolt to another, until tight, don't just crank down one then the other, go back and forth between the two bolts until it's nice and locked up). I will be disassembling to add some locktite in the future but for now it's solid and i don't see it going anywhere. So if you're looking for a more authentic looking bolt lift and don't want to spend 70-100 bucks on a badger ordinance that's most likely going to be installed by a gun smith, but also don't want you're bolt lift to look like a cheap plastic toy, go for this one. You won't regret it.

Bolt On QLK Customer.

It only takes a couple of minutes to install and really improves on the bolt operation. This is very well built out of aluminum and looks correct on the gun.

Bolt On QLK Customer.

Just buy this now. This large bolt knob is just what you need and is much cheaper than sending your bolt out to be cut down and tapped. The quality is great.

Ryan R.

Better than hacking up your bolt. Nice option to go back to stock bolt grip.

Brent F.

I've done thread on bolts before, Badger, EGW and more. I like having the knob threaded on, but I also like having the functionality of being able to return to stock if I want. With this knob, you're not sacrificing the tactical look or the functionality by it being a bolt on. I just used it on a big game hunt (with my tactical shooter) and it performed well. This is a cheaper, less permanent, aesthetically pleasing alternative to having your bolt knob machined and screwed on. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Jay B.